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Our Team | IP Experts from various streams

IPCalculus power house and motivation force is its team of consecrated IP professionals. We are a proud company to have a set of highly qualified and experienced professionals that comprises amongst the best legal, paralegal, engineers, scientist, and technology talent.

Our IP professional extends Intellectual Property Rights and legal services to global corporations, leading legal firm, medium & small enterprises, research institutions, technology driven industries and government entities. Our team serves the client to churn, protect and manage valuable intangible assets.

Our team often attends international & national conferences and seminars pertaining to different IP laws and other IP issues. The trainings through online & offline seminars are provided at regular interval to update employee with advancement and development in technologies and amendment in legal aspects.

We take extensive measures to attract and retain our employees with high level of integrity, professionalism, weekly discussions and interaction of team-mates, positive environment, and commitment towards work.